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It is surely obvious that the Voice of the People must be an anonymous entity.  However, we are not simply disgruntled members, but mature and stable adults with a serious mission.  If you want to send a story or article for us to post under the name of a guest blogger, if you are dealing with abuse or any other concern, we would be glad to hear from you.  If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine with us.  The important thing is that there is someone to lend an ear and give support.  You can contact us at  If you have a post or a personal experince of abuse that you wish to post, send it to and we will post it from there.  You can use your name or provide a pseudonym if you desire anonymity.  Your concerns will be kept absolutely confidential, made known to a select few people who are committed to truth, justice, mercy and love.

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  1. Lavern says:

    Lobelville TN
    Clarksdale MS

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