Internet Filters and Such

It was brought to my attention today that the Clean Internet filter is blocking Brother HIram’s website. This is unacceptable, and so Hiram himself took matters into hand.  Upon sending an email to the Clean Internet people, he was informed that they have blocked all blog sites, and if a person wants to view a blog they can send an email to Clean Internet and it will be unblocked. I’m not sure if this must be done on an individual user basis or if one request unblocks it for all users. I’m also not sure if the technology committee requested this block or if Clean Internet blocked it on their own. I hope that an individual request will unblock the blog for you.  I find it rather repugnant that this kind of control is exercised over what grown up individuals can view or read.  I was of the opinion that an internet filter was for the purpose of keeping porn or unwholesome material from the eyes of they young or perhaps the overly impulsive man or woman.  To simply prevent individuals from reading diverse opinions is rather frightening. If you are using the Clean Internet filter and can no longer access blog sites and are unsuccessful in getting them unblocked I would advise you to try a different filter. I was informed today that the AFO filter is not blocking the blog sites. On the other hand, Hiram also considers it a bit of a compliment if in fact the technology committee requested this block and is exhibiting their fear of Brother Hiram. I presume this site is still accessible through one’s cell phone, although I have also been informed that there are individuals who can block certain sites from being viewed on your cell phone. The complexity of all of this boggles the mind.  Brings to mind the repressive regimes of cruel dictatorships in Eastern Europe or some such thing.  Hard to believe that a church has to exercise this type of control over it’s members, even more difficult to believe that the members would tolerate if with nary a twitch.

Use this email address to request unblocking…

Humbly yours,



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2 Responses to Internet Filters and Such

  1. Brother Hiram’s blog is reaching the whole world! My stats show me the countries where someone has logged in to view the blog. I’ll make a list of them here….United States, Canada, Ukraine, Netherlands, India, Germany, Ghana, Brazil, Philippines, Kenya, Indonesia, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Uganda, France, Greece, Macedonia, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Haiti. I share this information just in case anyone believes that an internet filter will keep the world from reading the truth. The number of viewers climbs every day. Thanks to all of the readers who comment and send emails, your input is inspiring and encouraging! Truth cannot be hidden!

    • lotsaquestions says:

      I have heard that Clean Internet does not allow you to use blog sites or You Tube. Thus, the reason why the ministers want you to use it. This keeps you off the evil sites of the “Sinnernet.” Yes, another case where grown men and women are told what to do. We are not allowed to use the filter that’s in our heart. They say, “But it keeps you from looking at porn.” I wonder have they not ever heard of the bunny mags? They are still out there and if someone wants to look at them,they may, there are no filters for that. My point is, no one can stop you from doing what you want to do. It is a choice, and God will deal with you. No, I do not support evil mags and the such.

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