Spiritual Authority

Guest Blogger:  This article was sent to me with the suggestion that it should be posted here. It was initially posted on another website and the author gave his permission for it to be used here.
For ten years I was a member of the cgcm. In 2011 the Lord spoke to me and gave me specific direction concerning a prayer request that I had brought before him for several years. I was so sure of his voice in this matter that when the church demanded that I submit it to their authority I refused. Three days later I was expelled. Well, Its been a year and the Lord has confirmed to me over and over again that it was, in fact, His voice and He has blessed me far beyond my asking. My observation and the bottom line for my experience these last 11 years is as follows; 

Nothing has really changed in the last 6000 years! ..In the beginning Adam and eve decided that they would decide what was right and wrong instead of God and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…..thus the fall. In doing so they claimed to be gods themselves. 

When Jesus was on earth the pharisees claimed to be Gods authority on earth. Jesus called them hypocrites and vipers;. 

Later, In the dark ages the martyrs rebelled against the established churches because they (the churches) claimed to be the bride of Christ, to be one and the same with God, to have all spiritual authority, to be the only interpreters of the word and if you did not agree you would be damned to hell and killed. In fact when John Huss and Jerome pointed this out to the Catholic church at the Council of Constance in 1414AD they were burned at the stake. They quoted scripture and explained the error of the churchs doctrine but, were told at the time of the execution Who can understand them (Holy Writings) until the church has interpreted them? For John Huss and Jerome to recant and deny the truth the Lord had given them would have been to deny God. They chose death. 

So what has changed? The irony is that we are in the same position today. The cgcm claims to be the bride of Christ, one in the same with God, the interpreter of the word and have all spiritual authority. But, brothers, that is what Christ came to do away with. The Holy Spirit has no need of an interpreter and even though the leadership would agree with that statement their practice is otherwise. When Jesus gave His life the veil was rent from top to bottom, thus making the Holy of Holys available to ALL. His spirit is in us, speaks and leads us. 1 John 2; 27 

The Bible has said from the time of Moses to come out from among them and be ye separate. That truth applies today just as it did then, the only difference being we live in a country that grants religious freedom (at least for now) or believe me we would also be more severely persecuted. Many of us have seen the anger behind the soft speech and been persecuted by fear and intimidation. The cgcm has come full circle! They have become exactly what they left hundreds of years ago and now it is imperative that we as true believers, personally led by the Holy Spirit of God, come out from among them or deny our faith in the God of our salvation. 
I am so pleased that the events of a year ago took place (even though it was difficult at the time).. because today I am free, INDEED. And his voice is more clear and sure than it has ever been. 


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