Don’t Go

This was sent to me:

Read the 6th chapter of Nehemiah.  In this chapter Sanballat has sent for Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was busy about the Lord’s work, and he knew there was no good reason to meet with Sanballat. Sanballat and his henchmen pretended they wanted a harmless visit, but Nehemiah was busy. He was working. He didn’t trust their motives in calling him in for a visit.  So he politely declined, saying that he was busy doing a great work, and why should he take time away from it to come for a visit with them?  He knew that they meant to do him mischief.  The continued to try to call him in for a visit, and he continued to decline.  He knew they had a plan up their sleeve to halt the work of the Lord.  Finally sends a letter in which he comes right out and makes a false accusation, accusing Nehemiah of inciting a rebellion.  Sanballat makes a threat, that he will report Nehemiah to the king, and then demands once more that he comes to visit.  Nehemiah boldly replied that the accusations were rubbish and that Sanballat was making these things up out of his own heart.  I think you can see that this is a pattern that the Holdeman minsters follow. When they begin to fear you and the influence you might have, they begin to send for you for “visits.”  They have an agenda to do away with you, but God can give you wisdom to decline the invitation to meet with them, knowing that they have fabricated accusations against you and that by going to meet with them you are playing into their hands and turning over the power to them.  This was pointed out to me some years ago as an example that when jealous leaders send for you to visit for some undisclosed reason, and you have nothing in your heart that you feel you need to answer for, and you are simply about the Lord’s business, to beware. They are laying a trap for you.  The business of commanding people to come and meet with them for no good reason is truly a time when they do have mischief in their hearts towards you.  Beware of Sanballat!

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12 Responses to Don’t Go

  1. watching and waiting says:

    That sounds like a good idea however by refusing to meet with the staff you will be red flagged as a concern immediately. The staff will eventually bring your name to the congregation and the pressure will mount. By not going for a “visit” you confirm what they are already suspicous of. Hope someone sees the light.

  2. You have a point, but this information is for people who really care about being men and women instead of puppets. A few have to be willing to stand up and say no thankyou, unless you have something specific to talk to me about, I have other plans for today. It will take some men and possibly even some women, to stand up and confront these controlling puppet masters. it’s time to stop cowering. There are worse things than being expelled on a matter of principle. It can come to be seen as a badge of honor.

  3. HopingForChange says:

    I have a question for you Hiram…. Are you currently a member of COGICM ???
    If so how can you continue in that and yet be so convinced that is so profoundly evil??? Why don’t you just leave and never look back. I promise you that is what I would do if I was so sure that everything the church is built on is tyranny and mind control…… Yeah…Yeah… you say that you want to warn others…. But who gives you the authority to interpret the scriptures???

    • James says:

      hoping for change, do you really think that only a minister can teach/understand/interpret the scriptures? If so, I feel bad for you.

  4. I’ll answer your questions in the order you asked them. “Are you currently a member of COGICM ??? if so how can you continue in that and yet be so convinced that is so profoundly evil??? Why don’t you just leave and never look back.”

    Well, I have the privilege of anonymity here in the same way you do. There is absolutely nothing that compels me to reveal my identity. I might be a member,I might not. I might actually be a minister who has gotten fed up with what I see going on around me, and then I might not be. I might be a very bitter former member who has decided to use this method to make my voice heard. And then maybe not. It’s entirely possible I have never been a member, but simply have been a very close observer and have decided to try to set the lambs free from bondage. It’s anybody’s guess. Does it make a difference in how you view the things I say? I would like to believe that the things I write are relevant no matter who is writing them. I try to not make random accusations, but to back up everything I say with evidence. Even so I have been known to misquote and to make incorrect statements, which I correct if they are brought to my attention. The thing I like about my blog, and I’m sure you do too, is that people are free to speak. I wonder what would happen if you were to write to the Messenger of Truth and express any point of view that might fall outside the realm of approved thought? I have no proof but have been told that articles that are sent to the Messenger are often heavily edited before publication. The Holdemans tolerate no independent thinking, no questioning or free thought. I believe this is why you like to come here and question me….just because you can. I will also make another point about your question….it is very difficult for people to leave the church and never look back. People very often leave large families behind, and dissidents are shunned and treated with utmost disrespect. There have even been times when those who left have lost businesses,, inheritances and other valuable assets. So looking back can be done for various reasons, I’m sure. There are often huge losses upon leaving and they can take years to resolve. Otherwise you would have been gone by now, I am sure.

    “But who gives you the authority to interpret the scriptures???” Well, I believe the Bible gives us an example to “search the scriptures to see if the things we are being taught are true.” Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. I believe that every believer has the obligation and responsibility, as well as permission to search the scriptures for truth, and if what they are being taught does not agree with scripture, they are to discard the wrong teaching and stay with scripture. Do you have permission to do this from your ministers? Do they ever encourage you to compare their words to the scriptures? Please take notice that you are allowed to come here and speak to me. I don’t censor your comments. I wish you would discuss the scriptures with me, however instead of just rabblerousing and making accusations of blasphemy and whatever. If you have an honest disagreement with something I say, please make your comments specific. I don’t claim to be right about everything, I am trying to provoke thought. I am still interested in your friends’ comment about blasphemy. I have not blasphemed God, but I have taken issue with some of your dearly held beliefs such as the one true church and the lineage. I have given very solid reasons for questioning excommunication and avoidance as practiced by the Holdemans. I am wondering if in the minds of some this equals blasphemy? If so, then your friend has truly revealed the idolatry of his heart. If questioning these things amounts to blasphemy, then WAY too much value is being placed on them.

    Love, Hiram

  5. HopingFor Change says:

    No, James I feel the best way to interpret the scriptures is with an honest heart and dedication to reading the Word….. Reading the raw scripture is the only safe way to find God’s will for our lives. I don’t put a lot in a sermon except for pointing me to a certain subject to search out. I put even less stock in blogs.

  6. holdemanzombie says:

    HopingFor Change, why do you read and post on such a site as this when you put very little stock in blogs? I am truly amazed at what I’ve read here,and I readily admit it is making me think. If I did NOT put much stock in blogs, I’d go read BD&P. But this is much more thought provoking and your presence on here affirms that you can’t stop reading either! I anxiously await Brother Hiram’s next blog. Carry on, Brother Hiram, God bless you richly.

  7. Well Zombie, he is simply exhibiting the condition spoken in of my most recent post, “Carry those chains.” That condition would be the one known as “a lack of critical thinking skills.” He’s trying and we do appreciate his input, but he is having a hard time breaking out of his mind control prison. He’s trying. He’s reading. He’s thinking. He’s also a little afraid. Give him room, let him grow!

  8. Miss Virginia says:

    @Hoping for change. You said,”I feel the best way to interpret the scriptures is with an honest heart and dedication to reading the word.” I have had trouble for a long time with reading my bible and feeling blessed. When I read the scriptures, I find myself constantly weighing what I’m reading with what I know to be the interpretation of our people. I am constantly aware while I’m reading, that I cannot, I must not, discover that I would disagree with what I’ve been taught all my life. Am I the only one in this quandary? I have no one I can even discuss this with. I live in fear that one day the revival ministers will ask me if reading my bible is meaningful to me. I don’t want to live in dishonesty, and I’m terrified of being expelled. If there is anyone else who knows what I’m talking about, will you please respond here? I feel very alone.

    • lotsaquestions says:

      You are not alone. Many people are discovering that they do not believe that the things we have been taught are all right and are scripture based. But the sad part is that you state you have no one to talk to. Miss Virginia, if you discreetly ask around, you may be shocked at how many people have questions. I have made it a point for the last several years to ask about how ladies feel about the mode of covering that is worn, especially the tie down. I have asked all age groups and the majority by far loath wearing the tie down.They can give no scriptual reason for it. Most say it is tradition and would do away with it in a heartbeat if they could. This observation is amazing and hopeful for me. Even the men say they wouldn’t wear it. I am just using this as an example of how people feel about things. Don’t worry about if the preachers ask you about your bible reading. Tell them you study it. Be honest.God will help you be blessed by searching it out. It takes time to sort everything out.Try to find a friend you can trust.Keep reading these posts! Hiram will maybe give us some words of wisdom here. Love……….

  9. Bryon Schmidt says:

    And don’t fear excommunication. Its a great feeling to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know you are being true and honest.

  10. richard says:

    Why is is so difficult to understand that the true Christian life is a relationship between an individual and the Lord. He is the way and He speaks to us, leads us, answers our questions and at the same time gives peace, joy and power in our lives. Instead we look to a church for answers, seek a friend for comfort, talk to a minister to get direction. Although none of these are wrong in themselves they can be idolatrous practices if they serve to divert our attention from the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said “my sheep know my voice”.
    A number of years ago a son-in-law came to me and asked how he could learn to ride a horse. My response was….. time in the saddle. There is no secrete formula, just time in the saddle. There are no shortcuts. It is the same if anyone has spiritual questions, the answers are given to those who spend time in the word, prayer and meditation. One previous comment was that we learn truth from studying the scriptures but that is not true, every Christian denomination out there believes they have the true doctrine. We must have heard His voice because the Holy Spirit is the only interpreter. If you haven’t heard His voice you are blowing in the wind. It’s what separates us from the world and believe me the world will hate us. (read the story of Stephen).
    It’s still a matter of ‘spiritual authority’. Who are you going to follow….a minister, a friend, a written doctrine or the voice of God. Some out there will come to the time when they know they have heard the voice of the Lord and they will make a stand. When it happens, as it did with Jesus, Stephen, and thousands of martyrs you will be expelled……….I was!

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