Some of the emails and information that has come to me have encouraged me to put forth  a bit of advice to all who are struggling in this REVIVAL SEASON.  If the ministers inform you they are taking your “case” before the church, please make sure that you are present when they do so.  Do they offer an opportunity for you to speak?  If they do, make sure that you speak. If they don’t offer, perhaps you could insist.  This is your life we are talking about and according to them, the eternal destination of your soul. Jesus tells us not to plan ahead what we will say when we are dragged before the magistrates, for He Himself will put the words in our mouths.  However, it would behoove you to be well versed in the scriptures pertaining to such acts.  Jesus himself asked upon what grounds they condemned him. We all well know that they charged him with a violation of the law. This is often the case these days.  I doubt that anyone who reads these words and recognizes themselves is charged with adultery, fornication, lying, or stealing.  No doubt you are charged with a bad spirit, a proud look or an intimidating spirit.  These are not grounds for any of the actions that will be taken. Hold these men’s feet to the fire on these issues, and do it publicly.  Every time you allow them to get away with the things they do to beat the sheep, they gain more power, and you are hurt.  

As you well know, it is written in their bylaws that you are supposed to get a written description of the charges against you once action has been taken. As you also no doubt know, this is becoming less and less likely to happen.  We know that the reason for this is that these men do not want to be held accountable for their nefarious actions.  Inform them ahead of time that you will be expecting the written charges against you. Perhaps you can hold up a copy of the book, opened to the page where it states such.  Don’t expect them to be noble, however, and honor the request.  Most people these days have a cellphone with a recording device.  I would advise you to carry it into the church with you and then make sure you record the entire proceedings against you. You can then transcribe the recording and relay it to Brother Hiram via email, or perhaps even upload the mp3.  In this way they will be held accountable for their actions.  You can advise them of your intent to record, or not, whichever seems best to you. These men need to realize that the practices that they carry out are shameful and if exposed will bring them humiliation and pain.  Should all of the pain be yours for their behavior?  It is true that we are to suffer loss silently, and I do not advise these things in order to get at them, but rather to rein in a system that is veering wildly out of control and not only beating sheep with impunity but killing them.  If there is anyone reading who is going through an ordeal and you  would like to share, please do so.  Stop living in fear.  The things these men do are wrong.  STAND UP SPEAK UP 

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7 Responses to STAND UP

  1. Let me make a few points about the advice that I gave….You might be intimidated from following it because of an ingrained fear that there really is something wrong with you and doing what I said will simply prove to people that you have a bad spirit. The people have been deeply conditioned to believe this, you know, and there will be no shortage of encouragement for them to do so. This puts you in the position of seeking a closer walk with God, and doing the steps outlined in all peace and love. There must be no spite involved, only a desire for truth justice mercy and love. As you carry it out yourselves, require them to do the same. Show no bitterness, only a concern for their souls, and a close attention to the condition of your own. Declare yourselves to be “on the grounds of reconciliation” with them if they have a mind to talk.

    It’s possible that in some ways you are not completely in harmony with the church. Do not be intimidated by this. It is not a sin punishable by excommunication to have certain types or scale of business, it is not a “death sin” to have a lovely home, it is not forbidden to associate with certain people or read certain types of material, even if it is Brother Hiram! At this point, if you have cleared yourself well, shown a good spirit towards them, asked for a legitimate reading of charges against you that hold up to scriptural scrutiny, you have delivered yourself of your burden. An interesting thing then happens….it falls on them. It is only when they are allowed to operate unchallenged that they go unscathed. Challenge the unscriptural practices, declare yourself open to God and his leading and if they proceed against you, you are free and they are held by their own accusations.

    • lotsaquestions says:

      I would like to know what book it is in that it states one needs a written discription of the charges against you. This is something new to me.I have NEVER heard of it. Wow! That would put the charges in a new dimension, especially if they are petty, like alot are. Thanks for the info.

      • Godfather says:

        It’s true, lotsaquestions. But don’t get all up in the air about it. It won’t make any difference if you shove it in their faces. They know it’s there and they have been overlooking it for years. Petty charges are the reason they don’t like to pay attention to that rule. hahaha I have a stack of books but when I went looking for the recent ministers manual all I could find was an old one with a soft brown cover. This one is really old, in the front it says 35 cents, contact Noah Holdeman for a copy. However, I’m sure the recent copies have the same information. In this old copy, it is on page 54, the last sentence in the paragraph, “Excommunication.” It reads “A letter of excommunication shall be written by the pastor in the name of the church and delivered to the expelled member.”

      • cagedbutterfly says:

        Ah ha. Changing rules to fit their agendas, it seems…….

  2. holdemanzombie says:

    I was called in for a staff visit and they gave me a judgement that they weren’t sure I was saved. I didn’t have a clue where to find what they were asking of me. I wasn’t even sure I could get through to God because they said I was so far from Him. All I did know was that the Bible says, “He cares for you”. I just prayed one short line “God, You know…..” For days I could not eat much nor get any rest. My young children looked at me with fear in their eyes and asked me “What’s wrong with Momma?” I didn’t know. I told them that Momma isn’t a good enough Christian and the preachers might expel me. They were horrified, because they understood how HORRIBLE that would be. They started bawling and crying and saying how much they loved me and that I was the best momma in the world. But they could not comfort me. I just felt like such a failure and not even worthy to be responsible for young tender souls, much less my own. My husband didn’t offer any support. If he were to sympathize with me, he would be the next one asked to repent and he was going to make sure he wasn’t next. About the second day, I got up and pulled back my hair like never before, I got out a dress that was an absolute mistake and horribly ugly, and dug out some navy comfort shoes, because one of the preachers were coming by to encourage me. It seemed unreal. Who were these people that ‘cared’ so much and yet made it hurt like a knife in my heart. Why did it cause confusion and fear? The next day I had an unusual experience. I was wondering what I was going to do, the close of revivals was getting pretty close. Suddenly, I wasn’t worried any more. I felt completely empty. I had no worry, but neither did I have any feeling at all. I turned into a Holdeman Zombie that day. I can take you back to the very spot it happened. I lost my identity, I lost my enthusiasm for life. I felt resigned to a life of drudgery, of pain and sadness, of doing what the preachers told me to do. I was resigned to never thinking for myself. I put away my entire personality and became what someone else demanded I become. I was EMPTY. My husband noticed the change in me and called the staff. I told them how empty I felt and how I was willing for whatever. I told them I didn’t care if they told me not to go to communion, I wasn’t worthy anyways. I told them “I don’t even know who I am any more.” But they we so amazed at the change in me. They said I was ready for communion. They said they were very happy for my experience. They told me I was ready to tell the congregation my experience. I told it, I went to communion, I went home and I continued to live in zombie land. Later, when I told friends in another state what had happened, they said “THAT WAS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN!!” I said, “Surely not. The preachers were so HAPPY about it!” But sadly, that’s the kind of sheep you must become to meet the preachers approval. Please don’t give up your entire soul and personality for the preachers. God doesn’t do that to the very souls he created. He has a plan and it’s not to have a church full of zombies.

    • This is an amazing story, zombie. Little did you know as you lost your identity and personality that you were doing exactly what they wanted for you. They wanted someone who doesn’t think, someone who has no strong feelings, and someone who cannot be a threat. They certainly do not want someone who has found truth in the scriptures and had a real communication with God. Sorry this happened to you, hope you have somewhat recovered.

  3. Godfather says:

    I appreciate these posts Hiram. I wanted to add this verse, when it comes to power….John 14:12. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” He says all who believe on him will do GREATER WORKS THAN HE DID. I imagine this to mean healings and miracles, and certainly bringing souls to him. I never did take that to mean that the church would have power to enforce laws. This should really make us stop and think.

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