Hilmar von Campe and the Totalitarian State

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Hilmar von Campe was a young boy as Hitler was coming to power in Germany.  As a teenager he became a member of HItler’s Youth, and later joined the German Army. He was captured by the Russians and sent to a POW camp  in Yugoslavia. He escaped from the camp and eventually became a United States citizen, as well as becoming a Christian.  He has some very strong words of warning to the American people as he tries to point out that  the American people are walking into the same trap that Germany fell into before World War 2.  As he tells his story, there are many points of interest that we would like to draw out.  He points out how a godless society is required in order for the people to fall under totalitarian control.  Please take note that I am not characterizing the Holdeman leaders and members as “godless,” (far from it) but rather pointing out that there are some similarities that should be alarming to the reader.  There should not be any parallels between a godless totalitarian government and a religious organization.  It might be time for a serious re-evaluation of who we are as people when we do not see these dangers.  I will tell Mr. von Campe’s story here, and I will make my point by bolding his words that are relevant and making my own comments in (parentheses.)  Freedom is the ultimate gift of society that God would desire for his people to have.  Man has always tried to deprive people of freedom in order that he can have control.  Loss of freedom equals greater control.

Mr. von Campe characterizes his concern as being the “war between good vs evil, God vs godlessness, totalitarianism vs freedom.”

“This was the way of Nazi behavior…if you don’t do what they want, they liquidate you, or they make your life impossible.   (If  you disagree with ministers they expel you or they make your life impossible with visits and harassment.)  My father worked for the government, but he was not fired, just moved. All we knew was that we were moved from one city to another, but what I realize now is that the Nazi philosophy divided our family.
There were the pro Nazis, and the against the Nazis. (In God’s church there should not be these divisions, pro and against…there should be no division…if someone disagrees they should be allowed to disagree and still loved. If they wish to walk away from God and the church, they should still be loved.)
Regarding the state of affairs in the government, I was not aware of it when I was in the Hitler Youth. I took it for granted. There was no doubt in our minds as children that what the government was doing was the right thing.
Our parents could not speak to us openly about what was happening to us in the country because the secret police wanted to get to the parents via the children. My parents hid from the children the fact that they disagreed with the government. In the schools we were being indoctrinated with the Nazi philosophy, and were subtly being taught to report on our parents.

As children we did not notice that we were being indoctrinated. Indoctrinated we were, by the radios and by the news and by the school. We had the German history being explained in Nazi terms.

As a German soldier, I thought I was  defending Germany, and it was a terrible awakening after the war.  Hitler was known to say that he would destroy the churches and the Christians.  He created a group that was called the German Christians.which produced Christian teaching, Nazi philosophy in religious language. He tried to get the Christians on the side of the Nazis. We were told in the Hitler youth and in the schools that you can pray and sing hymns in your homes but not in public. They had to realize, like the Soviets that the higher authority of God and the church would be an obstacle to their power plans. If I look at the US now, that is what the ACLU is propagating. They have been successful in taking God out of society and education, and creating in the young people a lack of understanding about what the world is like.…the Nazis are not fascists, they are socialists. The same fruit as communism  Today the government is closer to the Nazis than the founding fathers. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews and ten million others. We are killing 50 unborn human beings. This is a terrible immorality …There is no words for this, that this is being tolerated….government is formed to defend the life and happiness of the people, not kill them… (What if we would add the thought that the church is for the life and happiness and growth of the people, not to control them and cut them off when they find themselves unable to fall under strict control.) If the government fails to promote the life and happiness and growth of the people, they should be removed by the people.

The world consists of people, all races, all nationalities, all people they have the same human nature  and inside of every person there is the voice of God and the voice of Satan, and every man following the voice of the life within yourself leads to disaster.  The natural voice inside of a man is not the voice of God. He must yield to the voice of God. The founding fathers were very much aware when they wrote the constitution that they had to produce something that made it very difficult to take over from outside or inside….In order for people to be free they have to have God in their lives and in their nation. It is only possible that people are free if they can listen to the voice of God inside of them….People need to be able to hear God for themselves. The Nazis threw God out, they determined what people would think and say.

One has to know that everything that happens is about power….it is the power of God against the power of man.. God wants us to be free. Men want to control each other and everything that we now experience here in this country, is another theme on what happened in Nazi Germany, but the motivation is always the same…power..the issue is not Communism or socialism, it is the consequences of the immorality of the people who guide the people..they want to control….

Health care…
It has nothing to do with healing people, it is to control what is the lives of the people and make the people dependent on them….

The issue is not capitalism versus socialism,  it is God versus man, good versus evil, God versus godlessness, and since I have experienced godlessness and seen the destruction of my family I am amazed that people do not notice it…(A Christian should never experience the destruction of his family by his church. That is what happens under a godless regime.)

Hitler, very well aware of the German people, went after the veterans…the German nation marched in lock step into disaster….we knew that you cannot be in opposition to the Nazis…( We know that you cannot be in opposition to the ministers) I was 18 when I got into the army and was fully aware of what I was doing. I was not aware that I was already fully brainwashed….

I heard many speeches, a teacher that made jokes about God….we laughed but pretended we were laughing at something else…you realized that you could not say everything that you wanted, and later you realized the effort the Nazis made to eliminate any opposite voice in the nation…They will finish anyone who will speak and work for the truth because they don’t want that…they want to keep the lie…

I had never consciously experienced that I was being brainwashed.but I was brainwashed….To realize that a totalitarian state like Hitler could never bring us to freedom never occurred to me...

The people were brainwashed. The Fuhrer said so and so and the people threw their arms up and said HOORAY and they did it…
the people didn’t think for themselves…
the Nazis thought the people were small minded and they told the people what they should do…and the people did it….(Please take note of the internet filter created by church members who want to control the internet for the members, and yet are very technologically minded and make their money selling a means of control to the people. The people never stop to think how absurd this is…)

There were very few people who dared not to do what they were being told…
The way they took control of them was to say “we are better than the others…and a lot of people fell for it…” A totalitarian system is the abandonment of God’s commandments…the type of man who wants a totalitarian system can only rule if they control everybody.

In Germany the law was made by the Nazis  and they made a law that the Jews were no good and that they had absolutely no rights anymore...(Substitute expelled people for Jews.  No class of people should ever be pointed to as evil and someone who has no rights, and who can now be discriminated against in in the most cruel ways.) Today here, it is not the Jews but those who are against the government, the government will decide what is wrong and what is right for you, and if you don’t do it we will teach you...
That is a very dangerous road. Socialism is an immoral proposition. It is an immoral and wrong position.

Escape from prisoner of war camp from Yugoslavia ….All of this gave me the basis to recognize what I experienced afterwards…  5 soldiers decided we would not survive the winter so we decided to escape. We left and the plan was to go to Hungaria and then to Austria…the first night when we left the camp we lost the guy with the map and the four of us continued by the moon and the north star. We had to cross one river between Hungary and Yugoslavia  It was so cold I said I would rather give up and die than swim it…when we came to the water we found a boat on the water lying there waiting for us….we crossed the river, then we realized that we were still in Yugoslavia. This was a side river and we had to cross the main river…Two nights later we found another boat when it was time to cross the main river, we were then in Hungary  then we found someone who gave us something to eat..we went to a farmhouse in the morning after walking in the night, Apparently someone had seen us to disappear in this farm which was occupied by two women, and they allowed us to sleep in the stable. They came to us shouting, soldier, soldiers…and we saw them coming after us with a dog, there were two of us at that time, we had split into two and two, and we ran to some bushes for cover, we ran through a plowed field, you could see our footsteps, I lost my papers, they were all over the field so you could not miss seeing them and we were hiding in the bushes, then we saw the soviets and we saw one of them pick up my cap which had fallen, and then they turned around and went in the opposite direction. I have no explanation how that is possible….Then we waited in the bushes until night, and then we went to the two women, elderly women, in the farm and they begged us to disappear immediately  they knew as we did that if the Soviets would find us with them we would be all dead…I sat down instead and wanted to have something to eat first. So they gave us something to eat and then we went away.I was very proud about what a wonderful organizer I am. There were many more incidents like this. When I had crossed the final border and I was on the side of freedom and I was not any more under the Soviet menace and I thought about the whole thing, and I wondered if God had taken me out of he prison camp, and out of Yugoslavia  and brought me here, and I said, if that was God he must have some purpose for me. We were of course educated in the Christian way, but I had never prayed, it had never occurred to me that I might die, so this was something new inside myself. So it was 4 years later when I faced the reality inside myself, I faced the reality that I was a hypocrite, a fake Christian then I realized that I am no better than the Nazis because the Nazis lied for power, I lied for personal gain, and when I went to Washington and I was received by the director of the holocaust memorial, I apologized to the him for what the Nazis and the German government had done, and asked him to forgive me and my nation. And the man was very moved and so was I and we became friends, and I told him that when people look at the holocaust, they are criminals who did it and they have to be made responsible.  But I am no better but I was not punishable. The people who are responsible are the bystanders, the ones who stand up for nothing. That is very much a picture of what I see here in the states, especially in the Christian churches, who for whatever reasons, will not engage themselves in the battle for the future of our children and grandchildren. This encounter with the executive director I shall carry until the end of my days in my memory. But the message I have for America, and the warning I give…it is not possible to be a liar and be a stepstone to freedom.

Freedom is only possible with honest people and I will say with Christian people who have made a commitment to God to love your neighbor as you love yourself. This is where Hitler got us. He gave the German people honor and the dream of being great, it was a national glory under him to begin with.  It is godless to destroy the freedom and spirit of humanity. One of the first thoughts I had was how I had treated the two women in Hungary when I wanted food and they wanted to get rid of me. I didn’t think a moment about their destiny,I was very ashamed, and I couldn’t ask them for forgiveness and I had to ask God to forgive me.

Without change in human nature, and human nature is the same across the world, and this means a new orientation of your motives, nothing good is to come out of what you do and what your nation is doing. Freedom without truth is not possible. That is why I say that a battle for freedom is a battle for truth, and you have to get rid of hatred. My mother hated the Nazis, we hated the host whose house she lived in. When she realized she was a fake Christian like myself AND THAT SHE WAS full of hate she could not get rid of the hatred, because she made the Nazis responsible for the disaster of our family, and the disaster of our country.  Hatred is what has to be healed. Hatred is what motivates the totalitarian system, and most people. They don’t call resentment hatred, but resentment is hatred. My mother went down on her knees and said to God, God if you are out there, I know that I am a Christian, I know you know that I am full of hatred, I cannot get rid of it and I will not get up from here before you help me and liberate me of my hatred. It took her two months to win and after that she went to battle for the souls of people from then on.

I want to say that what happened there in 1945 is no different from what happens here today and it has to be changed. People who don’t have a sense of the rights of other people have no other way to their own power but to destroy other people. Put them in the camps, destroy them, kill them. Human nature, if left to itself, will always lead to immorality. The immorality of a Nazi is no  different from the immorality of one who lets sexual behavior be the main purpose of his life or if you try to get more money out of someone else, but they are all things that evolve if people listen to the wrong voice inside themselves, and the only one who can change them are God with themselves. They themselves have to find their way by measuring their own life by absolute moral standards, which only God can supply. Through absolute honesty, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness, and absolute love. This is a standard which is very difficult to live out and no one can do it without God. Then people can create a peaceful society and people can live in freedom. There are many things where the stronger go over the weaker people like the Nazis did, and I had to ask God for forgiveness, I had betrayed his commandments, and ever since, they are the basis of my life. So ever since my escape, which was a pure miracle, like the Jews being let out of Egypt, it has motivated my whole life, because I thought, as I am, so is my nation. So if I am responsible for Hitler doing what he did, there are millions of others who need to change. I am not judging I am not even judging myself, I am defining what is right and wrong…and people, go ahead and do the same…become a force for freedom, for freedom of everybody on this globe. Don’t give it away to a bunch of people who want their own power. The excuse for hating and destroying the Jews was that they were no good and they were an enemy to our way of life. We believed what we were told. It is as illegal and immoral as killing a person to treat a whole group of people that way. It was right according to the law, the Nazi sense, but not right in God’s eyes.

First of all Hitler eliminated all opposition until there were only Nazi style organizations. he had excluded everyone who was against him. I will do everything to make myself fighting for the freedom of this nation and the rest of the world. In Soviet Russia and in Nazi Germany, you have what is called the party line. There is a line that somebody lays out what is right and what is wrong and then you have the newspapers and the media to make this line stick. One of Hitler’s chief officers said You have to tell a lie often enough and then something is going to stick,  and that is a principle that I have seen… that people are indoctrinated and brainwashed, and they only think what has been put into them. In America if you speak out you will lose your job. In some countries if you speak out you will lose your life. You have to think twice before you speak. You can jeopardize your whole family. It was the organized churches under the leadership of the pastors who should have stood up. Every German knew the injustice that was done to the Jews, but it was not called injustice. The same with abortion, it is not called murder. My own pastor is standing up and saying I don’t care about the taxes I will lose, I only want to learn the battle lines. I want to have a part in the battle for freedom. Every thinking person has to take a position in this battle. The battle line goes through all families. So make a decision and begin to fight for truth. That is my message. You have to do that. Everything embraced by the totalitarian leader is not embraced because it is good, but because it helps them to take control.

The founding fathers lost their fortunes, putting it into the battle for freedom. We have become so comfortable that we don’t want to lose our comfort! I like my comfort, I like it very much, but it doesn’t dominate me. It is not my priority. Making money is not my priority. I use what I have for the betterment of freedom. `

If you want to control people, give them an enemy that is hated and feared. Make that they understand that the benefits that they enjoy depend upon this enemy being held at bay. The enemy must be exterminated, must be done away with.

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4 Responses to Hilmar von Campe and the Totalitarian State

  1. Hiram says:

    Mr. von Campe is speaking about the conditions in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s, and making a comparison to the political climate in this country today. There are always parallels in governments, corporations, and religion, because these are areas where men take control over other people. The heart of man, if not completely pure will always oppress others in the quest for power. A careful and honest reading of the above story should allow the reader to see some of the parallels in the church today. Do you know anyone who was cast out because they dared to question? Do you know anyone who has lost everything they held dear because they did not operate according to the party line? Do you know of leaders who have become corrupt in their quest for power? Be honest and think hard.

  2. Hiram says:

    God hates centralized government because it requires power on the part of those in control to keep everything going. This is why he destroyed the Tower of Babel. He knew that if men could create something like this it would centralize power and control, and he broke it up. Today the idea of one world government is something that is obviously contrary to the plans of God. In order to bring about this state of affairs, men must be controlled. Personal liberty must be done away with. The founders of America, the men who framed the constitution, understood this, and they set it up so that the government was for the people and by the people. In a church that spans international boundaries, and encompasses thousands of people, if they are all going to be uniform and under control, there is a great deal of power that must be wielded. In order to wield power, men must become ruthless. The good of the whole begins to take precedence over the good of the individual. God is interested in the individual, not the organization. Ask yourself, if you are a member of the church, do you feel afraid when you read this blog? Are you reading, but afraid to comment? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the Gestapo. excuse me, I mean the ministers finding out and throwing you in prison, or even worse, executing you? Is it right that you should fear them this way? Don’t you think it would be more appropriate that they would encourage you to study, learn, and question? Don’t you think they should be happy to answer you if you have a concern? Do you think it is proper that men and women who have a slightly different point of view on some subject are put into church work and expelled? Why are the ministers so power hungry and so desperate for control that they will sacrifice the flock, even beat them with a big stick in order that they may retain their power and control? Ask yourself these questions.

  3. catalyst says:

    Naturally, the claim is that the Holy Spirit gives them the spirit of unity. or unity of the spirit or whatever they call it. However, there is already so much difference in practice from congregation to congregation, and so many preachers are benched, and so many congregations aren’t having communion, so it looks like the control is slipping. This is why the Counseling Committee flies around all over the country, in fact all over the world trying to keep order. If the Holy Spirit was keeping order they could stay at home, and save some money. And yes, I know about the fear. And I know about familes being divided, and marriages being broken up. This is all wrong.

  4. Hiram says:

    When a church becomes a government, all of the difficulties that present themselves to governments also present themselves to the church. One of the first is the need for power and control. The door is opened up for corruption. Immediately the focus is taken off of God and put on man. The members can no longer be allowed to make personal decisions about their lives for themselves. This creates a monster that must now be managed. We encourage people to return to a more honest and spirit-led Christian life. Fear is the last thing a Christian should be feeling. Pleasing man should never be an issue. According to the scriptures, a Christian should be prepared to face opposition from man, and this opposition should always be met with courage and resolve. Today there is much variation in practice in the church. The things that are tolerated are differences in dress, behaviors, and lifestyle. The things that are not tolerated are questions and doubts about the ministry and the church. These aspects are much more likely to result in discipline than hairstyles or clothing. Try to question the leaders and see what happens. Introduce a new dress pattern or vacation spot and you may be reproved, but not disciplined. Unsupervised use of the internet and education are two things that are often addressed, because these things threaten control. Learning to say and do the right things to find favor with the leaders results in a false personality which then leads to craftiness and stealth in hiding one’s true feelings. This is not authentic living. But this is life in a legalistic environment. We are hoping that more people will be ready to stand up for truth justice mercy and love.

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