A Totalitarian State





of or pertaining to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing
 opinion and that exercisesdictatorial control over many
aspects of life.

exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought ofothers; authoritarian; autocratic.
Look at this website, for an example of control…..http://www.holdemanmennonite.com/filter/
Read the frequently asked questions…


QUESTION: The Christian Webfilter is more restrictive than some other ones, why?
ANSWER: There are several things that influence this view. The first being that the websites that are reviewed for approval are based on “user request”. If you encounter a “blocked” page while on the internet, it not neccessary because that page is deemed “bad”. But rather no one else has requested it yet. Another consideration is that we approval sites that would not be contrary to our stand on worldly entertainment and complement our goal of simplicity and echonomy.

QUESTION: Does using a webfilter slow down my internet connection?
ANSWER: Regardless of what type of filtering mechanism (hardware or software) is used it does slow down the overall connection speed. Consider for a moment that when a webpage is requested a simple choice has to be made: PERMIT or NOT PERMIT. It requires CPU (computer) process time to arrive at this decision. If no filtering mechanism is used than these CPU cycles are not required before proceeding. Speed performance is very important to us with the Christian Webfilter. The PAY version of our filter has a bandwidth throughput of approximately 98%. The FREE version is a little slower.

QUESTION: Why is the online auction eBay website blocked?
ANSWER: The online auction sites (and seach engine sites) require a tremendous amount of time to maintain a safe environment. We have choosen to migrate these sites to the PAY webfilter rather than the FREE version. If you need this site you will need to upgrade to the PAY version.

QUESTION: Why can’t I uninstall the Christian Webfilter without a pass-code?
ANSWER: Simply put, for your safety. When users have a real legitimate reason for wanting to uninstall the filter they don’t mind emailing or calling to get this accomplished. However, if someone wishes to only “temporarially” remove the webfilter for unscensored internet use, it will often make them reconsider their actions.

QUESTION: Do you keep track of what blocked sites users try to visit?
ANSWER: In short, NO. While it would be very possible for us to do so, we don’t. We aren’t in the possition of “Policing” internet useage. We aren’t filling the place of your local staff. Rather we view ourselves as simply offering a tool to assist in preventing unfortunate problems and to help in living in compliance with our Conference requirement of “no unfiltered internet usage permitted”.

This is just one example of the control that is exercised over grown men and women.  There are many other examples, but this is condemning enough.  A church that claims to be the Church of God, the true church, descended from a lineage that links directly back to Christ should not have this type of connotation.  A true church should never exercise personal control over people’s lives or have a penalty for failing to fall in line with the control measures. It should never be guilty of damaging relationships, breaking up marriages or causing mental breakdowns because someone failed to succumb to the tactics of control.  There are a couple of books written by a man named Hilmar von Campe, a German man who was part of Hitler’s youth, a soldier in the German army, and who eventually escaped from a Russian POW camp in Yugoslavia.  the books are available on amazon.com   (http://www.amazon.com/How-Was-Possible-Hitler-Analysis/dp/0977102130/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349106091&sr=1-1&keywords=hilmar+von+campehttp://www.amazon.com/Defeating-Totalitarian-Lie-Former-America/dp/0981509193/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349106084&sr=1-1&keywords=hilmar+von+campe)von Campe now admonishes the American people to wake up and see the extent to which the American government has taken the kind of control that Germany had pre-World War 2. Mr. von Campe became a Christian after the war and now lives in the United States.  I have taken a number of statements that he made, as well as a brief synopsis of the story he tells and will reproduce them in another post…I do not mean to portray the Holdeman church/people as godless, not by any means, but it is alarming to see the similarities between a godless totalitarian government and present day organized religion.  There should not be one single similarity between a totaltarian regime and God’s church.  They should be polar opposites on every point.  At any point where there is a similarity, one should stop and seriously take stock of the situation.  It is indeed possible that Satan could creep in and deceive, and be pulling the strings behind the scenes to bring about the destruction of truth justice mercy and love.  I repeat, THERE SHOULD NOT BE ONE SINGLE SIMILARITY BETWEEN GOD’S CHURCH AND A TOTALITARIAN REGIME….  I will write another post detailing Mr. von Campe’s story.
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  2. wink says:

    Imagine that…if you want to buy or sell on ebay you have to request permission….that’s pretty amazing….

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