Stella’s Story

Stella sent this to me…

They changed the site to access when the new pastor came and maybe you could mention it, or change it on your site. It is now;  —  go to “sermons” tab at top of page, scroll down to July 10/2012

thank you.  go to this page and the bottom message is the one to listen to. Click download.

This is the first item we have posted which details abuse which occurred within the Holdeman Church and was covered up, or at the least, ignored and not dealt with. This link was sent to us by Stella Isaac.  She has a link to an audio testimony, which details heartbreaking abuse.  The shocking part about this is that her parents were church members through all of it, never came under any kind of difficulty by the ministers, and died as church members without ever being disciplined for the way they treated their children. Stella went on to marry and live a reasonably happy life, if in fact one can ever really be happy after such a childhood.  Her life is a testimony of great courage and dignity.

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  1. Here’s what’s really sad about this story…the Holdeman church/ministers never made any attempt to help these people, not that what they would have done would have been a good thing. They only know one way to deal with abuse situations, and that is to ignore them, or to expel someone and throw them away. When God dealt with Stella, he taught her about truth justice mercy and love. He taught her to learn to know him, in a way that she never would have learned in the Holdeman church. Ultimately God used her to reach her father and teach him about forgiveness and love. This would not have happened if the Holdeman ministers had been involved in the picture. When abuse is covered up, when it is ignored, healing cannot take place. The goal should be healing, not simply “disciplining” someone for their bad behavior. This is the greatest tragedy about the way they handle abuse….healing and restoration can never take place. The story of how God helped Stella and how he allowed her to understand and reach out to her father is a story that exemplifies the true meaning of Christianity….healing, forgiveness and love. God can do his work without the intervention of men. Thankyou Stella for this beautiful testimony!

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