What does it mean to be “One Body?”

The terms”the Body of Christ,” and “one body” are used in the Bible and perhaps they are misunderstood.  When the Bible refers to “One Body” it is referring to the fact that there is now no difference between Jew and Gentile.  There is  no difference between male and female, black or white or any other division that had formerly been observed. When God called Israel out as his chosen people, he commanded them to be separate from the other nations around them.  He gave very strict rules for their mingling, or accepting of others into their midst. Until Christ, it was forbidden for the Jews to receive anyone else into their midst.  All must be circumcised.  All must adhere to the law of Moses. After Christ came these walls were torn down. Anyone who received him and was baptized upon remission of sins was now qualified to be part of that body of people that God was pleased with.  There were no barriers.   This has been mistaken (and trivialized) to mean a specific denomination, ruled over by certain men, and exclusive of other Christians.  Christians are now grafted into Israel. The people that God called and labeled as his own were the physical type of the spiritual body that God was preparing to bless as his people.  When the walls were torn down, there was no longer any difference between Jew and Gentile, and today there should be no difference between Mennonite and Baptist, if they are both born again and partaking of the be blessings of salvation. It is simply not necessary or possible for all of the people in the world to see eye to eye on every single portion of scripture.  However, they must be born of the spiritual seed of Abraham, Christ Jesus, and be grafted into that tree.  John Holdeman speaks rather disparagingly of “scattered Christians.”  He is not comfortable with any Christian unless that person is under his jurisdiction; hence all of his writings in which he tries to prove that he alone is the repository of all truth in the universe.

So…what is the body of Christ?  It is an operating organism, alive and vital. All of the functions are in place.  There is the head, which is Christ.  There are the arms and the legs, the necessary limbs to get the  work done.  All Christians have a place in this body. All are to be functioning and alive, working together. When the Holdeman church refuses to work and function with other Christians, (I do not necessarily mean blend with other denominations) then they are removing themselves from the Body of Christ and attempting to be a body unto themselves.  Where they see other Christians inovlved in the work of the kingdom, they should be supportive and offer fellowship to all who will fellowship with them.  Differences melt away when our hearts are blended together in love. Differences are much more likely to disappear or be resolved when we are in love with Christ and with one another. The Bible says that “you will know them by their love.” (St. John 13;35)  It does not say that you will know them because they all think exactly alike and believe all the exact same things.


This link has some interesting information about “one body” and “The Body of Christ.”

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