Replacement Theology

As was mentioned in the last post, before we go further in examining the writings of John Holdeman, we are going to take a look at “replacement theology” or “supersecessionism” as it is also known.  It is important to understand replacement theology and the error in the teaching, because Holdeman’s entire doctrine is based upon the erroneous idea that the NT church replaces Israel as God’s chosen people. Holdeman, in his ventures into error makes this teaching even more deceptive, as he narrows it down to the sect that he founded in the mid 1800s.  Replacement theology, erroneous as it is, usually refers to all of NT Christianity.  Holdeman claims the whole package of God’s promises, favor and blessings for a quaint sect of poor Russian immigrants.  As is most often the case, however, with those who subscribe to replacement theology, he neglects to incorporate the curses into his scheme.

I will insert several links here so that you can familiarize yourself with this teaching;

This is by no means a comprehensive overview of Replacement Theology, it is simply a sampling of information in order to familiarize the reader with the concept.  If one is of a mind to study and search, a great deal more information can be found.

We do not address the issue of Replacement Theology in order to prove or disprove it, but rather to give a basis and foundation to refute the error that Holdeman embraces.  The only way he can make many of the grandiose claims for the church is for him to insert his name and  his idea of the church into the scenario that was originally devised for Israel.

Regardless of anyone’s position on Replacement Theology, if one continues to read with an open mind, one will see the multitude of errors that Holdeman is able to promote as he claims this lofty position.  We are not necessarily promoting the position of OT Israel in this writing, we are simply showing the foundation of many  of Holdeman’s errors.  He had to have a position from which to operate and he gained this by appropriating any portion of scripture in the Bible that supported his claims, and furthered his error, simply because it suited him.  Rather than going into a deep study of Replacement Theology at this point, we will simply introduce it as a concept and as we go further into studying Holdeman’s writings, we will refer to  the points where he is slipping into his arbitrary claims.

May God bless your search and your study!

Brother Hiram

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