Excommunicated minister

Bennie Hiebert, Swanson, SK

David Steiner

Gene Nace, West Point, MS

Duane smith, DeRidder, LA

Leonard Koehn, Fairview, OK

Robert Koehn, Othello, WA

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6 Responses to Excommunicated minister

  1. I believe he was benched/expelled from Swanson SK. Don’t know the official reason but it would appear that it revolved around growing a human Christian heart and having second thoughts about his past activities as a “minister”, going so far as seeking forgiveness directly from individuals he had wronged. This, with full knowledge and understanding of what would and did happen to him.

  2. That’s very interesting. Are you saying he wound up being expelled when he realized he had been harsh and he tried to make amends? That’s almost beyond belief. Does anyone know how long he has been expelled and whether or not he has made attempts to be allowed to be a member again? I would like to hear all sides of this story. If Bennie himself would care to come here and give a testimony it might be helpful to him and to others. If anyone knows him let him know he is welcome. We would appreciate his input. We would also like to hear from people who had been “wronged” by Bro. Bennie and subsequently received an apology. If Bennie went to people and made his wrongs right at the expense of all he had formerly stood for, believed in and held dear, then Brother Hiram’s hat is off to him. We may very well create a reward for him, such as a coffee mug bearing the logo truth justice mercy and love.

    • Vanessa Roberts says:

      Bennie desperately wants back into the CoG and if he truly feels he is wrong why would he want to be in an institution that is shunning him for making amends? Something is wrong with this picture and I believe he is disillusioned and deceived and therefore does not know the truth.

      – a relative

      • So would it be safe to say we do not need to be shipping our complimentary mug to Bennie just yet? The fact remains that there is a very curious dynamic in place in such situations….the church is all he knows and being expelled is almost a fate worse than death. He no doubt wants back in…he’s old and it’s lonely out there…but it’s my guess that all he would need to do in order to be restored is to retract the things he said that got him put out in the first place, and if he was able to do that he would be back in by now….He is caught between that proverbial rock and hard place where the pinch is extremely tight. Thanks for your input and please continue to comment.

        remember, truth justice mercy and love is what we stand for,
        Brother Hiram

  3. Chris Frase alias: (Set Free) says:

    Yeah and Amen
    We must remember…truth and justice are “high cards” but mercy and love trump them.

  4. Chris Frase alias: (Set Free) says:

    Sort of like playing hearts in a game of cards. (remember I wasn’t born and raised and held in a bubble throughout my life) Even if we have an Ace, King and Queen in our hand it’s the heart and the red (Love and Blood of Christ) that gets the hand (the Bride of Christ…You and me…Not a “religion”)

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