Early Conference Reports, 1864-1956

This link was sent to us by a poster who identifies himself as “Allan.”  He says “  I am posting this for my brothers to study and understand the changes in the Church from its beginning.”   Very interesting, Allan!  Thanks!     http://www.webspawner.com/users/fastreports/index.html

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4 Responses to Early Conference Reports, 1864-1956

  1. This is an interesting tidbit from the year 1864. Take note of the arrogance and pride with which Holdeman established his church.

    “Also if any would have built a church outside of the church of God, that it would have been damnable heresy and a baptism administered by such a church not valid. Also that we should preach another baptism, save the one baptism contained in the Word of God; and such baptism not administered according to its original design of gospel baptism, are not to be preached as valid baptisms, and are not to be received, unless we receive an evidence from God, as infallible as his word, that is by prophesy or direct teachings of the Spirit. Mere pretended convictions will not be received, for therein many err, and have erred, and they often stand in contradiction, to save other. We should be careful in receiving members, and it was decided to have applicants tried outside of the church, than within, when danger is feared. The unanimous consent of the church is desired before reception of applicants.”

  2. “…..when danger is feared….” What was this man thinking?

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