Beginning to Speak

It is not without a great deal of thought and consideration that we, the Voice of the People are making the decision to speak out.  Too much power lies in the hands of too few people, and too much control is wielded over the flock.  Too much incorrect and false teaching has blinded too many eyes for too long.  Too few options exist for those who wish to leave.  The end result of this is a multitude of people who are bound by culture, fear and hopelessness.  For those who are happy, we wish them well, but for those who are not, there is help.  No longer will the leadership be able to work under cover of darkness.  Their works will be brought to light, false teachings will be refuted, and abuse will be exposed.  May God help us all.

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2 Responses to Beginning to Speak

  1. Fred says:

    I posted this page on the forum, if you want it removed please let me know

  2. Thank you please feel free to participate. Spread the word of truth justice mercy and love!

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